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frequently asked questions

What is the cost of membership to Million Dollar Marketing Group?

Quarterly dues are $165 to cover the cost of breakfasts. There are no up-front dues.

Why is membership limited to one member per category?

The group will concentrate on learning about you and your company, with the goal of becoming confident that you are the right person for prospective clients in your category.

What is the return on investment of membership?

You'll get out of the group what you're willing to put in, which is the true return on any business project. Active group members who've done their best to become familiar with all members of the group, and who've made their capabilities known to the group, can expect the best return.

How do I get more information on the group so I can consider membership?

See the Join Us or Contact pages within this website. Feel free to use the contact information on that page, or contacting group members in the Member Directory