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We are business professionals from a wide variety of industries who work together to send qualified leads to member businesses.

Join us at Bishop Estate Vineyard and Winery
Author: Jeff Buesing
Event Date: 6/9/21
Date Added: 5/18/21
The Million Dollar Marketing Group is happy to announce our upcoming networking event, taking place at Bishop Estate Vineyard and Winery on June 9th from 5-7.  Take in the beauty of this wonderful venue while meeting successful local businesses to network with and potentially grow your business.  Attending this event is free. Simply bring yourself along with plenty of business cards. About The Million Dollar Marketing Group: Mill . . .

Date Added: 9/23/19
Heartland is different from other credit card processors as the company provides clients: Faster funding (often next day) – to improve your cash flow New innovative mobile payments solutions – a must for businesses today A new American Express program with lower rates “Quick Chip” technology that enables super-faster transactions Our no-cost “Breach Program” Transparent statements that are . . .

Date Added: 7/26/19
One of the most important tasks for brokers looking to earn a living by closing commercial mortgages is to take the time to understand the motivations and obstacles of the borrowers seeking this type of financing. If you’ve chosen the small-balance niche as an area of focus, these borrowers are often small business owners or commercial property investors who will likely need READ MORE
If so, it's time to let the world know.
Author: Joe Burke
Date Added: 5/14/19
Are You Proud of Your Business? If so, it’s time to let the world know! There are many inexpensive but very powerful methods to get the attention you and your company deserves. One popular choice is printed clothing, such as t-shirts, hoodies or hats. Clothing is great because it: Turns anyone wearing them into a walking billboard Adds a professional touch, especially if you are in the service industry Great conversation . . .

Author: Alan Openshaw

Location: Cornerstone Lending Inc, 720 Second St Pike suite 104, Southampton, PA 18966
Date Added: 2/26/19
For whatever reason the last month, all my recent clients have come to me with preconceived notions of how to best prepare themselves and their credit score for an upcoming mortgage and home purchase. This information is gleaned from various sources and Credit Karma is just one of those. So now its time to set the record straight. The first question I have is what is the score, and what does it need to be? There are 4 things that will determine your interest rate and cost for that . . .

This was one of the most rewarding projects we have worked on
Author: Greg Glemser

Location: Doylestown Gold Exchange, , ,
Date Added: 2/18/19
Recently we had a customer Alex come in with some very sentimental wedding bands from her parents and she was looking to create something that she could wear and enjoy. At first Alex was thinking we could melt them down and make a piece of jewelry, but the more I talked with Alex I began to realize how special the rings were to her and suggested we work with the rings as they are and preserve as much as the original look as we can. The rings were two different sizes and both had engraving . . .

Author: Greg Glemser
Date Added: 2/21/17
Doylestown Gold Exchange Discusses Selling Valuables and MDM Doylestown Gold Exchange has a new motto which is ‘Buyers, Sellers, and Jewelers,’ and for good reason. Over the past 10-15 years the traditional jewelry store has changed, and Doylestown Gold Exchange has changed and kept up with the times to be a place for one stop shopping if you are selling gold, silver, coins or diamonds. We also do . . .

MDM Group Sits Down with McMackin Mechanical
Date Added: 7/25/16
Warm Business Leads in Bucks County Make a Difference of HVAC Company It’s how many define the American dream: Starting, growing and succeeding in business. For Doylestown area business owners, the competitive yet supportive nature of the surrounding community make it a great place to operate and flourish. People go about growing their business in Bucks County in different ways. Depending on what you are selling or the services you offer, different online tools might . . .

Author: Alan Openshaw
Date Added: 6/24/16
I just received a referral for a client who wants to move. He will have 10% down and good income, but he has a 567 credit score. He went to a local bank and was told nobody would approve him with that amount of debt and that low a credit score. I took all of his information and issued a pre-approval based on then fact that I already got him approved through one of my lenders. The rate is about 0.875% higher than someone with perfect credit, but I am pretty sure . . .

Check Out Our Latest Video For a Sneak Peak
Date Added: 5/10/16
Most business owners won't argue with the fact that there is nothing more powerful than a referral and that a job well done usually (hopefully) comes with a couple referrals from a happy client or contact. The more people that are exposed to your company either by knowing the business or by using the service you provide is typically how businesses grow in ones local area.  Most business owners also won't argue that this is no small task; At the end of the day you are only one . . .

A Conversation on the Value of Internet Marketing
Date Added: 5/4/16
JCK is a national jewelry publication that is in every jewelry store.  The person who wrote the article came across our gold and jewerly store in Doylestown, PA by finding a story about our business online.   Since we are not like most jewelers or gold buyers, she reached out to me to do an interview.  They have a monthly article about what is going on in the industry and in stores around the county.  The article is to share ideas and about some of the customer . . .

Author: Justin Geller
Date Added: 3/15/16
Dear MDM Family, friends, peers and soon to be members. I often question if I'm saying the right things or asking the right questions when speaking with potential clients. I know I'm sincere and truly trying to help but often times I forget the basics. The basics is what keep us on track when we have to cold call or go into a situation without an introduction. Have you ever gone on a cold call and got shut down immediately? Of course you have, we all have. The basics will help in cold call . . .

Author: Alan Openshaw

Location: , Southampton, PA 18966
Date Added: 3/9/16
Every Wednesday since 2002 I have been spending two hours of my morning meeting in Doylestown with this Networking Group. That's about 1500 hours. During that time I have referred my friends family and clients to many excellent service providers from the group. It is great to be thanked for an excellent referral and in this group it happens often. I also use many of the service providers in the group. The quality of service and character of the business owners is extraordinary. The experience . . .

Event Date: 4/20/16 Time: 5:30-7:30 pm
Location: Citizen's Bank, , Doylestown, PA 18901
Date Added: 2/22/16
Be sure to come to our next Business Social in April

Author: Bob Back
Date Added: 2/20/16
Did you know that Bback Car Care is a AAA approved auto repair center? To learn more about what that means for you as a AAA member, call us at (215) 345-8620

Date Added: 2/10/16
In 2015 we passed over $1,000,000 in net revenue to our members. As of February 10, 2016 we are at $138,031.18. Our network's success is growing!

Another Happy Customer
Author: Greg Glesmer
Date Added: 2/3/16
Another happy customer from Doylestown Gold Exchange. This is 1 carat cushion cut diamond in a hand made halo style setting. The proposal happened as the clock struck 12 on New Year's Eve and the lucky lady said yes! If you are in need of high quality jewelry at a great price, give Greg a call at 215-345-6630.